Saline tattoo removal

Saline treatment is a popular method for safe tattoo removal. Ideal for clients with darker skin tone or with sensitive skin, the procedure is gentle enough to perform anywhere on the body

♥ How does saline tattoo removal work?

Removal is done by tattooing over the unwanted pigmented area with a highly concentrated saline solution. This creates a hypertonic reaction, allowing the skin cells to release the pigments from your tattoo to the surface layer of your skin. As the skin heals, a scab forms, the pigment attaches to the scab and is effectively pulled to the surface and falls out as the scab falls off. As the new epidermis is generated, the pigment lightens and eventually disappears.

♥ Does it hurt?

Unlike lasers and surgery, saline tattoo removal is mostly painless as Lidocaine is applied before and during the procedure to reduce discomfort. During treatment, the client should expect some minor bleeding and some bruising. The treated area will also be tender for a few days.

♥ Is it safe?

The saline tattoo removal technique is safe for all skin types. It is safer than laser, acid or chemical treatments and has fewer risks of hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, blistering, and scarring. However, a successful result requires you to follow aftercare instructions. If aftercare is not closely followed, it may lead to infection or scarring.

♥ What products do you use?

We use Li-FT, a non-toxic, non-acidic fading solution. It is an all-natural saline solution that contains:

  • Sterile water: cleaner than purified or distilled water
  • Lemon and orange seed extract: encourages fading and exfoliation
  • Finely-milled pure sea salt: for gentle application
  • Aloe: conditions and soothes skin

Li-FT does not contain ingredients that will harm or damage the skin's melatonin.

♥ How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted and how much needs to be removed for the desired result. In many cases only a percentage of the density needs to be lightened/removed and then we can continue the correction process by color correcting. In cases where pigment is misplaced or in an unwanted area, color correcting will not be an option and removing as much of the pigment as possible will be our ultimate goal.

Lightening and/or removing unwanted pigment is a long process and patience is required. This is true whether you are choosing a lightening product service or laser. Expect between 2-6 sessions spaced 8 weeks apart to fade the ink depending on ink depth and quality of ink used.

♥ What results can I expect?

Tattoo removal is not an instant gratification and can be a slow process. With time and proper care, Li-FT can lighten unwanted pigment successfully. Results vary in the same way color retention with tattooing procedures vary. Some skins will react more positively and have a better result that other skins will.

♥ What kind of aftercare is involved?

Immediately after your treatment, your certified practitioner will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and recommend that you book a follow-up appointment.

You should expect redness, mild discoloring, and significant scabbing as the skin heals. Do not pick or scratch at the scabs! Interfering with the healing process can result in scarring. Let them fall off naturally. Keep the area clean and open to the air and DO NOT SOAK the area in water. Once the scabbing has naturally fallen off, you will apply vitamin E throughout.

The most important thing to remember is patience; saline tattoo removal takes months to fully lighten pigment and heal skin. The results are worth it.

♥ Who should/should not have saline tattoo removal?

Saline tattoo removal is far gentler than traditional ink removal and especially beneficial if you:

  • have a darker skin tone
  • have ink allergies/sensitivities
  • are patient and willing to follow aftercare instructions

Your certified practitioner will discuss all contraindications with you, but you are not a good candidate for saline tattoo removal if you are:

  • under 18 years old
  • pregnant or nursing
  • on blood thinners
  • expecting immediate results or permanent removal
♥ Do I need to have a consultation first?

Yes, we require that you have a consultation with us before we can schedule your first session. During this complimentary consultation, we will

  • discuss your goals
  • answer all of your burning questions
  • discuss what to expect before, during, and after the procedure
  • discuss the healing time for scheduling
  • review the importance of aftercare
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