Managing Expectations After Microblading


Microblading involves a bit of “eyebrow architecture”. It is all about creating the best shape for each face—a totally individualized approach to permanent makeup. Although every experience is different, healing and aftercare are the most important parts of microblading. It is essential that you know what to expect and follow all directions I’ve supplied to you prior to your touch-up appointment to ensure your new brows heal in the best way possible.

Healing occurs in two phases: active healing and latent healing. Active healing occurs during the first 2 weeks following your procedure, and latent healing occurs during the 2 weeks thereafter, after all the scabs have fallen off.

During the active healing phase, you must keep your freshly tattooed brows completely DRY.  This means absolutely NOTHING on the treated area—no water, no makeup, no lotion, etc. for 10 days. This also means no swimming, no sauna and no exercise during this time. Additionally, it is best not to put any pressure on your brows until the scabs fall off completely. This can be quite challenging if you are a stomach or side sleeper, but it is well worth the effort. Once the scabs fall off, your skin continues to exfoliate and heal and you will notice a mild shift in the color of your tattoo.

Here’s how you can expect your tattoo to change as it heals:

how my brows healed after the ombré procedure
  1. Day 1-4: Your brows will be at their darkest immediately after your procedure, and there may be some swelling or redness.     

  2. Days 5-7: Brows will be up to 40% darker in shade for the first 7-10 days during the healing process. This is because blood has mixed with the pigment, darkening it. As a result, your skin will scab and flake off during the first few days (up to two weeks). This is totally normal and it is essential that you do not pick or scratch at the skin. Removing scabs will lift the pigment and leave you with patchy brows.

  3. Days 8-10: Once scabs fall off, your brows will look very light in color due to the contrast of scab to healed skin. This is totally normal!

  4. Days 14-28: During the latent healing period, pigment will start to settle in its permanent location while your skin continues to heal. The regeneration of skin will make the color look darker in color, but don’t worry – it’s a good thing.

  5. Day 42 (6-8 weeks after your initial procedure): Welcome back! Your touch-up appointment is essential to polish the final product - this is where the magic happens! I assess how well your skin took the pigment, look for areas that require additional color, discuss anything you want to add or change, and answer any questions.

If there is anything you feel is NOT normal for you during the healing process, consult your doctor and contact me immediately.

Get ready to party! Have an important event? Going on vacation? Want your new gorgeous brows to look their best? I recommend scheduling your microblading appointment at least 4 weeks before your event – and definitely not less than 2 weeks before! This will ensure that your skin has healed and there is no scabbing.